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FOX Business
Jan 5, 2013 9:00pm EST
days to look on line to find out what did before i sign it. >> citing things that this really don't want us to see. john: what if you are hiding things you don't want the government to see? >> whatever it is that what. >> the founder of with a pds. >> the internet and communication. that would be good. john: the teacher does not have to be good. john: freedom to put up. >> will increase. john: that's our show. ♪ john: what keeps you safe? what prevents fraud? most people you asks a government. government must lay out the rules and nish fraud. protect people. so government regulates. over the years as more regulations and america we now have 170,000 pages of rules. people think we can't live without these, but then came the internet. almost entirely unregulated, and it works. it is given us a new level of freedom. let's call it freedom -- "freedom 2.0". i could not have imagined it before coble, would compete. i assume the services like those could not work. what a joke. who would buy an unseen product from a total stranger without government regulation, it wou make sure that the
FOX Business
Jan 12, 2013 1:00am EST
. don't become a pirate over the weekend you heard about the consumer electronics show? the device that will kill you. what do you do when hit with bad publicity? there are specialist to deal with bad news. what about the big oil spill? can they help during a disaster? what does the business do when the ceo gets set? what about when a candidate loses? how much bad news is fake? what do we want? when do one.? is bad news good news? >> "the business of bad news." tonight. john: when bad news hits what do you do when you're at the center of it? with a view to manufacture the of bushmaster rifle or manufacture the company that spills whale or the ceo gets .-- said? rohit bhargava and fraser seitel specializes in crisis management. rohit bhargava is the author of like economics. you run bushmaster? >> it is a conundrum of sure they differ kept -- difficult was bushmaster the horrible tragedy in connecticut at the private equity company said we will sell immediately. exporting good said we will not sell them but bushmaster did nothing. first express sympathy. it is a horrible tragedy. th
FOX News
Jan 12, 2013 12:00pm PST
location and issues of people being drunk and a negligent. they did not say anything. john: i don't blame them. the media is hostile to business. >> not talking. they say we don't know what you do. >> we may be in trouble. >> but other people make the story for you. john: then fraser seitel will call me an idiot but public relations is silence grants the point*. now exxon has epilogues and talk to the enemy. that is you and? to loosen edges -- is a much more communicative person because they learned valdes was terrible for their reputation. john: now they pay for commercials to say to go to the gulf of mexico. >> florida beaches. >> mississippian outdoors. >> louisiana seafood is delicious. >> come to the gulf. >> this is brought to you by bp. john: this works? i cannot believe that. >> pr stands for performance recognition. the key is action. are they cleaning the gulf? then they communicate. john: your book how puerto rico trump's marketing. >> people don't believe commercials or advertising. john: except for hours. [laughter] so we say character. stand up. communicate what you stand fo
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)